DIY charging station

We always searched the right charger for the device that was approaching battery death all over the house, so the first step was to label the chargers with device name and kept all chargers in one place. However, more than one device was often charging, so cluttery scenes were often seen near electrical outlets. The chargers basket was no better: a mess of unmistakably entangled electrical wires. Now we have a DIY all-in-one charging station that solves it all.


Our charging station has two main parts: a crate that contains chargers and wires and the upper part that holds up our devices – two tablets and four mobiles. Every device has its permanent place with the name put on it.


I bought a small wooden crate and three book holders for few euros at local store. Then I  disassemble them all, saw off excess parts and drilled holes for wires and assembled the parts together. The rest is paint and embellishments.

And here is all the mess that is put safely out of sight.


We usually keep our chargers in the charging stations. For emergency charging when we are out of home we have a power bank and spare USB cables. Also, the charging station is a storage space for devices when they are not in use, so we do not have them lying all around the house anymore.


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