What is so attractive about handmade craft?

via Daily Prompt: Craft

Craft noun: skill and experience, especially in relation to making objects (Cambridge Dictionary)

During the most stressful time at the job I found out that a lot of us, coworkers, dreamt about doing something with our hands, something touchable, to be able to enjoy the whole process from scratch till the result of our work lay in our hands. I guess it is an innate need to be creator, to make things happen – also in physical sense. To gain skills to do a good, functional and beautiful object is even more compelling.

But the reality is, many times we do not have the chance to experience these simple pleasures, especially in workplaces that require mostly intellectual or standardised work. And besides, why bother doing it yourself or buying a more expensive handmade item if there are cheap versions available all over the place?

For me it makes a difference – for me the old-fashioned handmade craft is valuable in many senses so I support these businesses whenever I can by buying their products rather than mass-produced ones. They may be more expensive and are not as flawless as factory polished products, but they have a story to tell: they are as unique as the person – creator who made them.



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