Life suckers

Little children are so easily overwhelmed by too much external stimuli. They hear, observe and smell their surroundings and suddenly it’s just too much for them to bear. My daughter tolerated a total of 5 minutes of first Santa visit at kindergarten and at the age of 5, after her first cinema matinée, burst to cry and then had to eat and take a nap. To eliminate excess stress and recover her forces.

With age we withstand more. But how much more?

There are various types of stresses, but we will keep aside all obviously good or bad stresses, since we usually recognise them easily.

But life suckers – they are worth a word or two.

Life suckers come to our life embodied in nasty persons usually disguised behind pretty smiles, as difficult situations or as oppressing places and in many, many other forms. The worst kind in my opinion are the human ones. They have some common traits: they come, suck as many life juices as they can and usually stick to their prey as much as they can (why leaving a fresh source of blood?), always taking and taking.

Leaving us exhausted and empty – but many times we just don’t recognise it right away. Since we are adults, right? And we won’t cry and take a nap after. We are taught to rather endure, even these silent stresses day by day, burning a lot of energy in vain. Sometimes because of fear, compassion, politeness – who knows?

What about being more aware and learning to recognise our life suckers? And not letting them taking more of our energy than we are consciously willing to give. Allowing ourselves be more child-like again and take a good care of ourselves when we need it.

Do you recognise your life suckers? How do you cope with them?


2 thoughts on “Life suckers

  1. Sunshine Girl

    Totally! In psychology (and spirituality, for that matter) these people are also called energy vampires. There’s absolutely no justifiable reason to accept to keep these people in your life. I guess, only if you actually cannot get rid of them because they’re family, or because you work with them, for example. But then I find that putting up boundaries is very important. And I agree with you that self-care is necessary to recharge after having been subject to energy vampires. By the way, I like the jewelry a lot, and the photos are great!

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