About me

I have always been a creative person, with passion in crafting, drawing and various DIY. Since I am a mum to two delightful daughters and have a full-time job, it is somehow more difficult to find time and inspiration for my projects. This is my journey to rejoining to my creative side and how to cope with everyday life at the same time. 

I would like to upgrade any of my several hobbies (drawing, sewing, making things out of wood) to a small business. My dream is having a small workshop. Besides my love for crafts odds are against me: my crafting skills are rough, I have no direct experiences in entrepreneurship and million other reasons why I haven’t had the courage to pursue my dreams so far.

My name is Kristina. I am mid forties and I live in a small town by the sea in Slovenia. I have the university degree diploma in economics and am working as financial manager of research projects.

Why am I blogging? There are some core reasons I can think of at this time (eventually they could change):

  • to gather and arrange my thoughts, experiences and plans in a bit more systematic way
  • to share and receive some feedback
  • to encourage myself to keep pursuing my dreams
  • to have fun

On my blog you can expect posts and photos on my crafting projects as well as my experiences on the way to my own workshop.

English is my third language, so I apologise in advance for language errors (I hope there will be less and less). Please be respectful in your comments.