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Bring kids drawings to life

Many years ago my daughters and I made a fun DIY project. My daughters like to draw and are keen on their drawings, which are on display on our fridge. At the time they also liked dolls so we had the idea to make dolls out of their own drawings. Younger daughter had 3 years and older about 7.

We took two pieces of paper and crayons. The only instruction I gave them was to make a large enough picture, so that it would be possible for me to sew the doll.

The younger drew a humanoid, which seems more like a banana, but I can guarantee you that it is actually a very beautiful princess with long hair and blue eyes. My older daughter drew her own princess, with many more details and colours.


Next, I drew over the lines and transferred the picture onto a cloth. I put two pieces of cloth and some stuffing in between and sewed main lines of the picture with zig-zag seam on my sewing machine. Finally, we coloured the dolls with crayons and I embroidered details: eyes, mouth, crown…

My kids were so proud to have dolls made out of their own design. They played a lot with these dolls and are still keeping them as memorabilia.

Happy crafting!





Painting stones – kids games

A simple one afternoon project to do for kids.

During the summer we collected interesting small beach stones and brought them home. It is such an interesting material to work with. For this project I chose flat stones with smooth surface. Painting stones is pretty simple: you will need small brushes and plain acrylic paint. I used the Rayher Decoart paints. They come in various colours but will easily mix together to create different shades.


This time I created two-in-one kids games.

  • Story telling game. On one side of the stones there are pictures of fairy tales characters or fantasy drawings. Players pick stones randomly and tell the story including the character or object from the picture. The story might go on like this: Once upon a time there was a martian living on a lonely planet. One day a space craft landed on his planet. Out it came a very strange astronaut, from far far away planet…


  • Tic-tac-toe game. The other side of the stones is coloured. One playing set consists of 4 stones in one colour and 5 stones in another, so tic-tac-toe game can be played.


Games are designed for young children, so the drawings are pretty simple and mostly basic colours were chosen. Here are the sketches and doodling versions of the drawings, that were used on singular stone according to its shape: smaller stones are fit for simple small pictures and larger stones for larger ones: a house, a castle, a cave (each story should have it, right?).


One set is composed of 9 stones (number needed for tic-tac-toe game), but for storytelling game the sets can be merged or mixed, so the stories can become even more interesting. Each set has a theme.

Ocean life


On the backyarddsc_0033

Medieval story


Space journey


To ensure durability of pictures the surface was warnished with high resistant warnish, so the stones can even be washed with water and so far no bruises appeared.

And here is my ever-present crafting assistant.