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Cute needle felted animal – easy how to

Though I already made some dry and wet felting, I wanted to try making a felted animal, which seems a bit of a more difficult project. But in fact, it is really easy and I am quite pleased with my first one. Here is a step by step process for needle felted mouse.

First, I made a simple wire construction. I used aluminium wire, since it is easy to bend but it is sturdy enough to support the weight of the mouse. As I discovered later, it is best to use a thin wire to avoid breaking the felting needle while poking the wool. I used a 1 mm and 5 mm thick (flat) wire.

Then I put some synthetic batting into the wire construction, to form a belly and a head of the mouse as a base for felting the wool. I could insert the wool into the structure and begin felting instead, but it would take a lot more time.

Next, I applied some wool to the batting and began stabbing at loose wool fibres with a barbed needle. At first I stabbed a bit deeper to make sure that the wool is attaching to the batting, later on I continued to stab more shallowly, slowly sculpting the shapes of the animal.

I felted ears separately and sewn them to the wire construction. The most difficult part is felting hands and legs, because of the underneath wire. To felt those I stabbed the wool at an angle almost parallel to the limbs and proceeded really slow to not break the needle.

After about 4 hours of felting the consistency and shape of the mouse was about right, time for final touches! I applied some white wool roving to the ears, belly and head of the mouse and sewn eyes, mouth and nose.

There were some loose frizzy fibres left that I didn’t like. I tried to press them down with damp towel, but it didn’t work. So I applied a little bit of hair spray to the mouse and gently pressed down the fibres with my fingers. After the spray had dried I simply trimmed the remaining loose fibres with small scissors.  And here is the finished product, voila!



Beach stone earrings

I wanted to upgrade my beach stone jewellery with some silver plated wire. It looks so easy when others do it, but I had quite an experience with different sorts of wires. Some were too thin, others just didn’t go into shape I wanted them to. Not to talk about working with cutters and round nose pliers (yes, I had to buy those first)… But here are some final results I would like to share.



Not exactly round, but I like them anyway…


I even tried inlaying a smaller stone into the larger one. To make the smaller white stone pop out, I glued a piece of gold leaf in the recess prior to putting the smaller stone in.


I guess I have some more practice to do, but first products aren’t that bad either.

Happy crafting to you all!



For some time now I feel the urge to do something different, new and a bit crazy. The very fact that I opened a blog and begun writing is something that scares me. Do I have the courage to share my thoughts, wishes and dreams? Do I have something relevant to say or to contribute to others?

I guess these are all common questions that gnaws a lot of new bloggers, so I will make a leap of faith and hope for the best. It is still at least a new experience for me and hopefully I will reach at least some readers.

The purpose of this blog is to share my journey to rejoining my creativity: to adopt my DIY hobbies with more love, care and ambition and to eventually make them my job. It is not a simple nor an easy task, since I have been so long been pursuing a totally different career, been raised with full-time-secure-job mindset and having responsibilities towards my family. However the gentle call of what I really enjoy doing is becoming louder and louder and at this point in my life I want to give it a go.

Over the years I’ve done lots of things: sewed bags, stone earrings, wood boxes, drawings, hand-made organisers and more. Since I have nowhere to put all my products I usually give them away – to my sister, to friends and coworkers. So I am looking forward to every holiday season, for it is a great opportunity for me to make crafting and prepare great gifts. I learn as I go, watch YouTube tutorials, search for inspiration on internet. My products may not be perfect each time, but I enjoy the whole process so much.

This blog is not merely about me and crafting, it is about pursuing our dreams. Besides crafting-related posts I will write about other, more important issues: how to stay focused, how to let go of old and not-so-great situations, when to make compromises, how to overcome fears.

I don’t know where this journey will lead me and how long it will be. But you are very welcome to join.